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Here are some general requirements to look over before applying to Buckeye Mouse Travel as an independent agent.

  • In addition to general sales experience, you must be a US citizen and have no criminal record.

  • As a travel specialist of Buckeye Mouse Travel, you are representing the whole company. We ask that you are kind and friendly, while at the same time, be professional and serious. For some, this is a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, and they have saved for a long time to do it.

  • You will have to determine what will make the best vacation for your clients. The perfect get-away for you might not be the best for your client. You will have to listen to the clients’ wants and needs (and budget), and then make the best recommendations based on what you learn. Accurately qualifying clients is very important.

  • To be a travel specialist with Buckeye Mouse Travel you must have excellent verbal and written skills. You must be organized and have excellent computer skills.  You need your own resources to do your travel planner job.  A computer/laptop, Internet access, and a mobile phone are just a few things you will need to do your job. You will be expected to keep track of deals, promotions, and packages to help your clients get the best possible prices.

  • Our most successful travel planners love interacting with people, and aren’t afraid to take initiative. This position is self-driven, so you’ll be expected to manage yourself and stay on top of your client portfolio.

  • You have to have a good sales personality.  Most clients are eager to book a vacation but you still have to be a ‘salesman.’ You need connections and contacts. You have to be able to provide top notch service to your clients.

  • You need a place to draw from and build your business.  You can’t just put an ad in the community paper, sit back, and watch the leads roll in.  You need a marketing plan, funds and the drive to execute on your goal to be a successful travel agent.  We will help you learn destinations and do all that we can to assist you, but you need to be active in communities and social circles in your community so you have a group of people that already know you and that will plan their vacation with you.

  • Being a Buckeye Mouse Travel advisor takes a lot of work, and we expect sales. This is not a position for the hobbyist. You should think of this as you would any other job. Sales have to be made to continue working for and to advance with Buckeye Mouse Travel.

  • Think about your sales action plan. How will you get in front of people to sell vacation experiences? How will you make yourself stand out and keep clients coming back?

Please note: We are a multi-destination travel company. If you would like to specialize and market for destinations other than Disney, you will need to become familiar with the those destinations as well to properly plan for all of your clients vacations.

We get a TON of inquiries about Disney Travel planning. Here are just a few things to think about in addition to the above when deciding to become a Travel Planner for Disney Destinations.

  • You have an expert level knowledge of Disney Destinations.

  • You have been to Walt Disney World many times, especially in the last 5 years (as an adult), and Disneyland at least once.

  • You are able to develop a strong marketing plan to get your business off the ground quickly.

  • You are hard-working, professional, self-motivated, and customer service-oriented.

  • You feel comfortable offering sound advice to clients via phone and email, and booking travel via a computer system.

  • You actively use social media and are able to draw in followers

We’re here for you too!

  • We offer a flexible, work-from-home schedule

  • We are always available for questions and advice, and strive to see YOU succeed.

  • We want to pay you! To make money, you have to put in the work and make the sales. We are adding new vendors monthly. Our mission is to grow to the highest commission levels.

This is not meant to discourage you, but we get hundreds of requests each year at Buckeye Mouse Travel for Disney focused travel agent positions. We want you to be able to make an informed decision on becoming a travel advisor for Buckeye Mouse Travel before filling out the lengthy form.

Are you ready to become a Buckeye Mouse Travel advisor? Please fill out the initial form HERE.

Resumes may also be sent to

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